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Tech Tips, News and Info.

Don’t Get Juice Jacked!
People now days are Addicted to Their Phones. I confess, me too. Seems like I’m always wondering whats going on in my Cyber-World. So inevitably my battery starts to run low. "Oh look, I’ll be here a minute –and there’s a charging station!  I’ll just plug in and get some charge."


 NOT SO FAST! Do you really know what you are just about to plug into? It might not be just power you’re about to get! How about also getting your Identity stolen, your phone destroyed by a virus, and all your secrets known?

When plugged into a compromised charging port, all the data on your phone or device becomes accessible to Evil Hackers. Your E-Mail, Passwords, Credit Card, and Banking Information – EVERYTHING!

According the U.S. Dept. of Justice Identity Theft costs people more than 3 Billion dollars a year. Working at Technoid Computer Repairs, I see a lot of people whose phones and devices are wrecked by Malware and Viruses that could have been avoided. We can remove the Malware and Viruses but, many times the damage to their Identity is done. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!

How Can I prevent my phone from getting Hacked and still be able to get a charge? Well it’s not all that hard- it just takes a little thought and preparedness. Here’s a few tricks that are guaranteed to help!

  • Get a “charge only” usb cable. Most cable will not only charge your phone but also allow data transfer- just what the hackers want. Usb cables that will only allow charging make it MUCH harder to access your Phone.
  • Use a Battery Bank-charging from a battery bank cut’s out any chance of accessing your device. It’s totally safe to charge the battery bank from just about anywhere then, when the phone is low just charge from the bank.
  • Power off the device. Just turning the device all the way off greatly reduces the chance of unwanted access.
  • Make sure your device has a Password set and lock the device before charging.

Just using these easy steps and, planning ahead can make it extremely hard to get “Juice Jacked”. You’ll rest a lot easier knowing that you’ve been pro-active in your cyber-security!

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