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Tech Tips, News and Info.


Welcome to the Noid’s Tech Tips and News. I wanted to give my friends and customers (or hopefully future customers!) a place to get some useful help with their computer IT and technology questions and issues. So many of the persons I encounter ask such similar questions that I thought, why not a page to answer them for all start. And Make it Free!

I'm fairly well educated, yeah I got the college degrees and such. I also have a lot of real world experience. I mean I'm not one of those young whizz-kids.(ok I'll let you in a little- I'm in my fifties shhh. don't tell). I’ve done a lot of computer repairs, data recovery ( and really high tech data recovery at that) computer networking  lots and lots of small business IT and computer systems.

That said I don't know quite everything but, if I don't the answer to a problem I find it out using reliable sources of verifiable, scientifically sourced information. There will be no FAKE News Here. It the unlikely event you find mistakes (I am human after all), Please, please, send me a comment on the contact page. DON'T correct my grammar- I know how much it leaves to be desired!

I have a few ideas for some posts. I could really use some help deciding which topics to cover. Please send me your ideas and comments via the contact page- It will go right to me. Don’t be shy, you can do it. It’s OK, really.
Here’s some of my Ideas that are coming soon!

  • Apple- what’s up with Apple? The end of 2016 saw Apple with OSX High Sierra security problems galore. Then there was “Battery gate” Arrrgh! Lots of problems there!
  • Internet Neutrality- Our friends At the FCC decided to not like Net neutrality. There a lot of controversy there. As of today congress is voting to overturn the FCC. I’ll keep you posted!
  • Have you bugged your own house?- Those voice activated assistants are really cool. But what is Alexa and other intelligent assistants really doing? Are they listening all the time? Who else can hear? ​​

I’m open to anything other posts you may like to see concerning all this computer servicing stuff, especially computer repair tips and tweaks. Just ask.I'll listen. Promise,really I will.

Thanks for the visit!
The Noid

PS. Check out the creepy picture!

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